ORA+CLE Readings

ORA+CLE Readings


You’re more than your sun sign or rising sign. Your Myers Briggs, Enneagram or Love Language. You live in this world with other humans, and it’s through relationships we most often and acutely define ourselves. These intersections are opportunities to know what you care about, who you want to be with, and how to better align with your highest aspirations. ORA+CLE is a tool for all the relationships we have, professional and personal. Easy and fraught. Including the one with yourself.

A custom ORA+CLE reading provides context and guidance. Habitual thoughts, and incongruent beliefs are challenged and then liberated. 

Our session is structured to meet your needs. I access intuition, lived experienced and the collective unconscious.

ORA+CLE is direct, kind, and illuminating. So am I. Be prepared for immediate paradigm shifts, by design.

  • We meet for 40 minutes via Skype or phone {This allows you to take everything in, and then integrate}

  • After I receive notice of your purchase, I’ll reach out via email to set up our session

  • Having your own ORA+CLE deck is great, but not required

  • I also liberally incorporate other decks (Tarot, oracle) into your read, if/when appropriate

  • I’ve been known to drop movie suggestions, art to see, and people to follow

  • I can’t wait to meet you

There comes a point when we run out of resources — and steam. Be it muse or mentor, commune with someone of significance to you.

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