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THE PREMISE A single-card ORA+CLE reading, delivered to you weekly, for one year. This is not a group experience. ORA+CLE 1:1 is highly personal. 365 days of me thinking on you. And to stay in sync, we check-in for 30 minutes, monthly, via Zoom. This [nurturing revolutionary pragmatic] engagement is my highest honor.

THE PRACTICE You’ll receive a personal, 7-day ORA+CLE reading from me, via email every Sunday. 365 messages that’ll frame your days, weeks, year. Using my eyes, ears, heart, and rational mind, I’ll pull a card for each day. Then, share the weekly forecast with you. Along for the ride will come my thoughts, hits, prompts, and knowledge—via words, images, videos, music, art.

THE PROMISE This is a dynamic offering, where the accumulation of my engagement over a year’s time allows for a lot of heart and critical thinking on your behalf. No doubt, I’ll see patterns and themes in the cards’ colors, statements and deeper dives. A pattern of evidence, illuminated. I won’t hold back.

THE POTENCY Each ORA+CLE card has three components: a colored circle, an insightful statement, and a deeper dive into finding meaning. The unique design means you can immediately utilize all three elements without the need for a guidebook or study. I’ve been told ORA+CLE possesses a simplicity that allows a clearer path to arriving at natural understanding. I’m especially fond of how ORA+CLE makes room for critical thinking.

Yesterday, I did a one-card pull and chose randomly - ’Restore Purity’ - your words helped me recognize how I’ve been (overly) accommodating with this one client. I particularly appreciated the card's signal to avoid resentment, because boy was I going there. Instead, I looked at my original notes about the project. The clarity in those first conversations is what I needed to see the path where I went astray. Just as the card said, go back and rebuild. That’s the plan.

THE PERKS If you’ve thought “I want to learn more about reading cards, about divination...” This is also that. ORA+CLE 1:1 is a ninja-like move to study with me. Of course with ORA+CLE 1:1 I share my perspectives about you with you, but more importantly, your daily card is there to be interpreted by you, in any way, everyday—from acute events through broad trends in your life. Over the course of a year, with my guidance, you would be hard pressed to have not adopted an adjacent divination practice yourself. A more self-assured and intuitive reader of symbols and patterns yourself. Consistent and attentive ORA+CLE readings means new tools, mindsets and actions to support your personal Hero’s journey. Allowing you to dive into the unknown and return to what’s known, transformed. This dedicated, real-time teacher/student dialogue can only result in being a confident reader of cards (and life) yourself.

To break out of limited perspectives and grow into spaces you didn’t even know existed, partner-up. A strategic culture of sharing, and remembering you’re not alone, is needed.

THE PRICE* The price of ORA+CLE 1:1 allows for me (and you) to show up with the right internal posture. Every week. Of course you can do the math yourself, and $4,444 is: $370 a month, $84 a week $12 a day. That’s the price broken down, in all the ways. You can pay for ORA+CLE 1:1 in full, or in quarterly installments of $1111. You also get an ORA+CLE deck sent to you straight away.

I know myself. I give a lot. Naturally. Happily.
If you know me, I’m sure you agree.
The value of this offering is multidimensional and undeniable…
And I recognize that ‘value’ is subjective.
Let’s talk if you want to suss it out, together.
We should talk before anyway to make sure we’re a good fit.

THE POSTSCRIPT As a designer, I’m an objective, compassionate observer tethered to what’s needed. As an artist, I’m comfortable in the nebulous and am curious to create new ways of seeing. This is me, who shows up for you, for 365 Todays.


* Being employed often isn’t enough. There’s a class of working Americans that systemically are financially disenfranchised. They bring the same degree of talent as their peers (education, time, sweat-equity) but make significantly less money. To begin to right this left, sliding scale pricing is available for adjunct teachers, those who work in the nonprofit sector, POC and/or Transgender folx.

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