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ORA+CLE is a limited edition art object and divination tool. Since its debut in May 2018, and in response to interest from friends who have retail shops nationwide, I’ve designed a second edition of ORA+CLE available exclusively for wholesale. As a fan of what you’re creating, and thinking objectively, I believe ORA+CLE would be a good fit for your store.

Everything you need, from the origin story and unique nature of ORA+CLE, can be found on this site. In brief, ORA+CLE is what you’d imagine, a divination tool—but different. It’s an oracle deck uncommonly made through the lens of relationships. 

Relationships are at the core of our experience. In fact, they’re the building blocks that create our lives. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity.

ORA+CLE uniquely explores the many intersections of relationships: with yourself, other humans and even time.

The Second Edition of ORA+CLE is the same 50 cards, with an updated design, packaged in a retail-ready box. More of a design tweak, it’s created with point-of-sale in mind. The Second Edition ORA+CLE is Intrinsic. Esoteric. Dynamic. Cosmic. Prosaic. Therapeutic. Rhapsodic. Terrific—and ready to ship September 2018. 

A touchstone and delight. ORA+CLE feels different in the hand. And that is everything.

A touchstone and delight. ORA+CLE feels different in the hand. And that is everything.



uncommon and notable features

  • The size of the deck, 5×7"

  • The card stock, 60pt

  • The cards are uncoated on one side with a matte varnish on the other

These three points of difference evoke a distinct experience for your customer. The weight of the deck, the feel of the individual cards, and their larger, non-standard size demand a different internal posture, and thus a different relationship with what they know about oracle decks. Preconceived notions are challenged—esoterically and aesthetically. And speaking of aesthetics …

  • Minimalist yet colorful design

  • Each card has three components: a colored circle, an insightful statement, and a deeper reading

  • The design means you can immediately utilize all three elements without the need for a guidebook or study

ORA+CLE joins a minimalist aesthetic with the intuitive art of oracle plus, a pragmatism not found in the genre. The set includes colored colored circles with concise and correlating wisdom, supporting beginner through advanced readers. ORA+CLE also comes with a note from me, that welcomes them to the practice—and for the novice, a link to this site, to learn how to use.

ORA+CLE is an object as well as a tool. Seen here, placed on a desk, as a reminder.

ORA+CLE is an object as well as a tool. Seen here, placed on a desk, as a reminder.



Why oracle. Why now.

Interest in new-age tools has taken hold. For example, Refinery29 and The Cut frequently cover crystal grids, tarot and astrology. This year, a Dior collection was adorned with images from the Motherpeace feminist tarot deck, and Aveda is adding gemstones to products. Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown series of decks has also done a lot to create a real scene of people who you wouldn’t necessarily associate being into this kind of stuff. And while the trend in the spiritual might prove short-lived, there’s a significant audience with a deeper interest that offers a sustainable customer base.

The point of all of this—magic, spells, rituals and readings—is not to override free will, but a way of regaining control and encouraging people to explore themselves. It’s about how we interpret our feelings through spirituality.
— Emilia Ortiz

ORA+CLE is designed to be used on its own, or as a compliment to a tarot practice. As an object displayed in a place of reverence, or to be kept private as your personal sage. Since their debut, I’ve been told ORA+CLE {finally!} speaks to a particular customer. Someone who is interested in divination tools, but hasn’t found the right deck. It possesses a simplicity that allows the reader a clearer path to arriving at natural understanding. ORA+CLE is my contribution to the movement to manifesting meaning, to creating paradigm sifts, by design.

A quiet moment captured at a pop-up event at Dear Neighbor, Richmond VA.

A quiet moment captured at a pop-up event at Dear Neighbor, Richmond VA.




At my online shop, I’ve been selling ORA+CLE for $55 + $5 shipping. Despite this being $15 more than premium oracle decks—including Spirit Speak or The Wild Unknown—customers haven’t blinked an eye. The design, size, quality and intimate nature of the project has made that premium a no-brainer. It also dovetails beautifully into why I believe the Second Edition of ORA+CLE is a select object well suited for inclusion in your shop. Needless to say, you’re reading this because I’d love to partner with you.

Stores of different sizes and vibes approach wholesale differently. I’m open to how you prefer to work with your artists/vendors.

I've created a 3-tier pricing structure for wholesale. From order of 5 decks to 50. Reach out and let me know you’re interested in ORA+CLE.

Stores that will be stocking ORA+CLE are much like yours. They focus on wellness, beauty, art, design. The voice and vision of the owner is distinct and integral to the brand. Offering the uncommon is paramount. Again, it is my intention that YOU are reading this. I have you in mind as I type.

Ways I can support you, your store, and ORA+CLE awareness can include:

  • Thoughtful mentions on my personal Instagram account

  • Topical and inspiring Instagram takeovers

  • Listing on a soon-to-be Stockists page at

  • Host a pop-up at your store (solo or with aligned artists)

  • Lead a workshop on a bevy of related topics

I have infinite ideas about ways we can co-create, and can’t wait to hear yours. 

Language is not just a set of rules to be followed, it’s meant to be enjoyed. A deliberate exaggeration, used for effect, doesn’t lack gravitas, but rather expresses your deftness in communication. Have a go at it.
50 cards, colors, and insights. Endless paradigm shifts, a-has, and affirmations.

50 cards, colors, and insights. Endless paradigm shifts, a-has, and affirmations.




Maybe I forgot a detail or two and you have more questions. Maybe you are all in. Either way, let me know where you are, even if that means this isn’t the right time for you to introduce ORA+CLE to your customers.

Peep around this website, search for what you’re looking for, or be reminded of what you already know. Then email me at, message me on Instagram @adesignconcern, or use the contact page on this site. Psychic nudges also work.

I can’t wait to hear from you.