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What’s ORA+CLE: 365 Todays?

  • A single-card ORA+CLE reading, delivered daily, for one year

  • A pattern of evidence illuminated—through themes/thoughts/hits

  • Actions to try out to make you a better reader of signs and symbols

  • Available 1 February 2019 through 31 January 2020..

  • When you’re ready, you can sign-up HERE.

Why 365 Todays?
Relationships are at the core of our lives. At work, home and in public. With friends, ourselves and life itself. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity. The inquiry lights me up.

My daily ORA+CLE practice encourages me to not only explore and uncover truths about myself, but, gives me a starting point on how to process and proceed. I created 365 Todays because I want to share this straightforward framework with you. The cumulative effect of putting ORA+CLE into action, over a year’s time, holds the promise of dynamic, positive, and pragmatic transformations.

Tell me more about the deck you’ll be using?
ORA+CLE is an oracle deck. My contribution to the divination movement, to manifesting meaning, and to creating paradigm shifts. By and through design.

Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown collection of tarot and oracle decks did a lot to create a community of people who wouldn’t necessarily being into that kind of stuff. Rachel Howe’s Small Spells and Mary Evans’ Spirit Speak decks come to mind, too. And while this could be a trend, there’s a significant audience with a deeper interest in divination and divination tools. For them (you) I created ORA+CLE.

Each ORA+CLE card has three components: a colored circle, an insightful statement, and a deeper dive into finding meaning. The unique design means you can immediately utilize all three elements in your reading, without the need for a guidebook or study. Use your eyes, ears, heart, and rational mind—you can’t ORA+CLE wrong.

I’ve been told ORA+CLE possesses a simplicity that allows a clearer path to arriving at natural understanding. I’m especially fond of how ORA+CLE makes room for critical thinking. Designed to be used on its own, or as a compliment to an existing tarot or oracle practice, these are the ways I’ll be using ORA+CLE during 365 Todays.

What do I need to know about you, as a guide?
As a designer, I’m an objective, compassionate observer tethered to what’s needed. As an artist, I’m comfortable in the nebulous and am curious to create new ways of seeing. This is me, who shows up for you, for 365 Todays.

As the creator of ORA+CLE, my intimate relationship with the deck gives me an unique edge into finding meaning & magic in the quotidian.

You can learn more about me HERE, HERE and HERE.

What can I expect in each day?
Everyday I will post to our private Instagram page. So, you’ll need an Instagram account or the willingness to get one.

At the very least, you can expect to see an image of the card, and my writings about it. (Each post will include a transcript of the day’s card in the comments.) More often than not, I’ll include art/music/articles that support the day’s card. Sometimes I’ll be moved to include a video of me speaking directly to you. The multi-image posts can reflect the cards’ message via:
my mood
the political
astrological events going on
irreverent musings
the card’s origin story.

Until we get the momentum going, I anticipate the first few weeks will be me establishing a rhythm with you. I’m a quick study, so soon enough we’ll be in the swim. 365 Todays is a dynamic offering, so the accumulation of my engagement over a year’s time allows for a lot of heart and critical thinking on your behalf. No doubt, I’ll see patterns and themes in the cards’ colors, statements and deeper dives.

AND! For day’s when you’re not feeling Instagram, you won’t miss out… An image of your daily ORA+CLE will also be delivered via email.

Everyday for a year?
Simply put, yes. I do this practice, daily, for myself—and you’re invited to come along for the ride.

Of course there will be weeks where showing up everyday is unrealistic. A planned holiday in June comes to mind. Or, maybe we’ll find doing holiday weekends in bulk is a good idea… I’m going to stay flexible to the evolving needs of 365 Todays. In these types of scenarios, I anticipate pulling cards for us, in advance. I do this now with my Tarot practice to frame the week, day per day, on Monday nights. I learned this spread from my teacher, and the experience is poignant both looking at the week to come, and in reflection.

If you’d like to read more about how I choose, prepare, reveal, and ask questions of ORA+CLE, click HERE.

So again, yes, be it in advance, or in real-time, I’m showing up for you (and me) everyday for a year.

What happens after I sign-up?
You can expect an email from me welcoming you, and directing you to follow the private 365 Todays page on Instagram. In this email I’ll also ask you for your Instagram handle, so I know to accept your request. This all happens within 24 hours of purchase receipt.

The video archive will grow daily—for you to tap into in real time, or to revisit in reflection.

You can sign-up for ORA+CLE: 365 Todays HERE.

Do I need to have an ORA+CLE Deck?
If you have an ORA+CLE deck, or want one, great! It’s a tool designed to be used in the many relationships we have of our lives (personal, inter-personal and professional). That being said, having one is NOT required for participation in 365 Todays.  

You can purchase an ORA+CLE deck HERE.

Do you offer scholarships or similar?
I believe that money is an energetic and symbolic tool. A way we show commitment. I trust the range of prices I’m offering allows you to feel spacious, feel you’re being treated fairly, and feel proud about taking action towards caring for yourself. I wrote about my inclusive pricing structure, here.

What about gift certificates?
What a sweet gift to give and receive! Yes, I can send a gift certificate to anyone with an email address. How this works is you let me know you’re giving 365 Todays as a gift before you purchase, or wait to let me know after I reach out to welcome you to the program. Either way, tell me who/where I can send the e-gift certificate, and it’s as good as done.

You can gift ORA+CLE: 365 Todays HERE.


To break out of limited perspectives and
grow into spaces you didn’t even know
existed, partner-up. A strategic culture
of sharing, and remembering you’re not
alone, is needed.

50 cards, colors, and insights. Endless paradigm shifts, a-has, and affirmations.

50 cards, colors, and insights. Endless paradigm shifts, a-has, and affirmations.




As you consider if ORA+CLE: 365 Todays is for you, use your eyes, ears, heart, and rational mind. Always. All ways. You can’t do it wrong.

  • When you’re ready, you can sign-up HERE

  • You’ll see the dropdown offering 4 prices: $222, $333, $444, $555

  • Choose the one that’s right for you—according to your ability and aspirations

Do have questions? Take a peep around this website, and search for what you’re looking for (or be reminded of what you already know). If your question hasn’t been met, email me at, message me on Instagram @adesignconcern, or use the contact page on this site.

I can’t wait.


Sign-up for ORA+CLE: 365 Todays HERE.