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ORA+CLE began as a limited edition art object and divination tool. Since its debut, and in response to interest from shops nationwide, I designed a second edition available at select retailers. Now, to complete the journey, I’ve created a group program: ORA+CLE: 365 Todays. Daily divination for a coterie of curious humans.

Relationships are at the core of our experience. In fact, they’re the building blocks that create our lives. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity.

ORA+CLE uniquely reveals the many intersections of relationships: the ones with yourself, other humans and even time. One of the most profound lessons I’ve gained from (creating) this tool is exploring my intrinsic value. Perceived or calculated. Tangible and intangible. Oftentimes, this shows up in questioning how I make, how I charge, and how I receive money. For 365 Todays, I believe I’ve come up with something congruent with my ethos.

A touchstone and delight. ORA+CLE feels different in the hand. And that is everything.

A touchstone and delight. ORA+CLE feels different in the hand. And that is everything.




Typically, pricing products and services is strategic. There are formulas to use, psychology to seize upon. Over the years, I’ve play around with some of these conventions with varying satisfaction, but rarely joy. To change this paradigm my approach has been to conjure a number where 1) I’m neither subsidizing the engagement or charging a high number because the market says I can and 2) the number, in and of itself, delights my eye and feels good from the neck down—NOT in my head.

To make this work available to everyone interested, regardless of finances, I’m offering pricing that’s relational, dynamic and leverages trust. In the SHOP, you’ll see the dropdown offers 4 prices: $111, $222, $333, $555. If you are wondering what you should pay for ORA+CLE: 365 Todays, use the below not as edict, but a guide:


THE ONES Maybe you’re unemployed, or in school. Maybe you’re balancing a full-time job AND your education. Whatever the scenario, what a gift it is to bring 365 Todays into your life, unencumbered by quotidian money worries. This is my wish for you.

Choose $111 if, for example, you’re a student, on work-study, or unemployed.


THE TWOS Being employed often isn’t enough. There’s a class of working Americans that systemically are financially disenfranchised. They bring the same degree of talent as their peers (education, time, sweat-equity) but make significantly less money. To begin to right this left, I’ve created a price with you in mind.

Choose $222 if, for example, you’re an adjunct teacher, work in the nonprofit sector, are POC or Transgender.


THE THREES All things being equal, this is what ORA+CLE: 365 Todays would cost. You have a steady paycheck, and/or savings in the bank. Once or twice a year you have a spa day, you take a workshop or go on a retreat, maybe you gift someone or consult with an astrologer yourself.

Choose $333 if, for example, you’re a photographer, lawyer, coach, shop owner, designer, SAHM, in real estate, etc..


THE FIVES Do you feel good when you pay a person the full-price they’ve asked for—without haggling. Do you recognize your economic privilege, regardless of household income—and know it doesn’t make you more deserving of a human? Do you plan on hiring a: designer, coach, shrink, personal trainer or similar this year? Do you feel flush, today? And most days? Simply put…

Choose $555 if this sound like you. Or if $1.52 a day seems like highway robbery. OR! You believe money is an energetic and symbolic tool.

ORA+CLE is an object as well as a tool. Seen here, placed on a desk, as a reminder.

ORA+CLE is an object as well as a tool. Seen here, placed on a desk, as a reminder.



questions. answers.

As you consider if ORA+CLE: 365 Todays is for you, do like me, check in with your body. She knows what to do. Always. All ways.

To help you along the way, I created a Q&A page, where more context and details about the program is available.

ORA+CLE: 365 Todays is

  • A single-card ORA+CLE reading, delivered daily, for one year

  • A dynamic, intimate, art performance & design experience

  • A pattern of evidence illuminated—through themes/thoughts/hits

  • Actions to try out to make you a better reader of signs and symbols

  • A sweet gift to give and receive. Yes, I have gift certificates!

  • Available to you today, and through 31 December 2019.


When you’re ready, you can get 365 Todays, HERE.

  • You’ll see the dropdown offering 4 prices: $111, $222, $333, $555

  • Choose the one that’s right for you—according to your ability and aspirations  

50 cards, colors, and insights. Endless paradigm shifts, a-has, and affirmations.

50 cards, colors, and insights. Endless paradigm shifts, a-has, and affirmations.



I understand that I might not have identified “you” in the pricing structures above. But, I see you! Use what I shared above as a guide.

If you have unanswered questions, you can also peep around this website, search for what you’re looking for, or be reminded of what you already know. (Here’s the link to the Q&A page again.)

You can also email me at, message me on Instagram @adesignconcern, or use the contact page on this site.

Finally, wanna give ORA+CLE a go? I’m happy to pull a card for you about 365 Todays or otherwise.


Again, I believe that money is an energetic and symbolic tool. A way we show commitment. I trust the range of prices I’m offering allows you to feel spacious, feel you’re being treated fairly, and feel proud about taking action towards caring for yourself. If you want to pay more, or propose something non-monetary… reach out!


I can’t wait.
Get ORA+CLE: 365 Todays HERE.